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Texas is Tornado Alley

Be Safe and Secure in the Original Armored Closet

Living in North Texas can be of great concern to your family’s safety when there are storm clouds in the sky. An average of 132 tornadoes touch Texas soil each year. Dallas and Tarrant Counties both rank in the top ten for Tornado “Hot Spots” in Texas.

This can create great feelings of stress and fear for how you are going to protect your family when you are faced with hiding in a bathroom or other structure that provides only a small amount of added protection from tornado that could easily rip through your home.

Traditional underground storm shelters can cause additional stress with flooding always a possibility. Not to mention, who wants to go outside in a storm to get into your shelter? Keep your family safe inside your home with an Armored Closet.

Be Ready for Tornado Season

Convert Any Closet into our Patented Armored Closet

A Tornado can seemingly come out of nowhere, and be on top of you before you know it. An in home shelter from Armored Closet can protect your family in your most desperate time of need. If you have been thinking about getting a storm shelter, don’t put off protecting your family. Call Armored Closet today!

Our experts at Armored Closet will consult with you to determine what type of shelter is the best one for you and your family. We will review with you all of the details and quality that goes into each of our Armored Closet units to keep you and your family safe. You have complete control over being able to customize the shelter and maximize the space available to keep your family comfortable as well as safe.

Peace of Mind

Safety in Your Home with FEMA Certified Steel Protection

After you finalize your shelter and your installation date arrives, our friendly installers will ensure that your structure is assembled perfectly in the area of your home that it was custom designed for. Armored Closet installers will leave your home looking just as nice as when they arrived by keeping their work areas clean not leaving any trash behind.  Many customers are surprised to find out that our installers are able to achieve these results in just a few short hours!

The feeling that you get after your Armored Closet installation is completed and you know that you have a safe place for you and your family to go during a storm is hard to put a price tag on. The Armored Closet is a viable, bullet-proof safe room that gives you tornado protection in season and peace of mind throughout the day and into the night because it doubles as an accessible, in-home safe room. The piece of mind knowing that you can keep your family safe is priceless.

Custom Design Services

A Safe Room Designed for Your Family...

Installation Services

Armored Closet includes white glove installation services at no extra charge....

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