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Built Strong for Life

We invented the first totally modular, multi-functional safe room in the industry

We created and engineered features unique to tornado safety — like F-5 Impact Channels, Finger-Safe Door Jam, Triple-Post F-5 Latch bolts and the F-5 Lever-Guard.  All exclusive to the Armored Closet tornado shelter and safe room and certified by the FEMA testing facility at Texas Tech National Wind Institute.

FEMA Certified

Armored Closet Can Withstand Cat F-5 Tornado Winds

Watch as an air cannon fires a 14ft, 15lb 2’x5′ board at 100mph at the Armored Closet TM

Texas Tech National Wind Institute Department fired multiple boards at door hinges, hardware and wall and ceiling panels simulating F-5 debris impacts. Built strong — Armored Closet TM passes the test!

Texas Tech University National Wind Institute

P A S S  L E T T E R

Impact tests were conducted on February 28, 2014 on your 4’ x 6’ x 79” panelized 3/16” steel above ground shelter with 1/4” plate steel doors. All tests were conducted for resistance to the Protocol 4, Tornado and tests prove your shelter to meet debris impact guidelines of the FEMA 320/361 and ICC-500. All tests were compliant with FEMA 320/361 (2008) and ICC-500 (2008).

Congratulations on your shelter door passing the FEMA 320 & ICC-500 tests. The NWI DIF at Texas Tech University applauds your company’s efforts in providing a safe product for the consumer.

Sincerely, Larry J. Tanner, P.E.
NWI Research Assistant Professor
Manager of the Debris Impact Test Facility, TTU

Designed for Safety

Strong Enough to Resist a Tornado and Protect You from a Burglar

Safety starts in the home.  Armored Closet is strong enough to resist a tornado and protect you from a burglar — but it’s also built safe for use during a tornado and having accessible in your home with children.

One of the biggest concerns of our customers is the heavy door being a danger to children.  With the exclusive Finger-Safe Door Jamb Flange, young children (and maybe a few adults as well) cannot accidentally close the heavy, 1/4” steel door on their fingers!

Another safety concern is being trapped in your safe room if debris from a tornado blocks the entry.  The Armored Closet can be unbolted from the inside if the need should ever arise by using the F-5 Escape Wrench (U.S. Patent No. D728,334).

You will be extremely happy knowing that your protection from a tornado, intruder or burglar is just a step away – right inside the comfort of your home!

Ballistics Tested

Armored Closet Stops Bullets Under Fire

The Armored Closet is a viable, bullet-proof safe room that gives you tornado protection in season and peace of mind throughout the day and into the night because it doubles as an accessible, in-home safe room.

Have you ever heard a noise in the night while you were sleeping and wondered if there were an intruder in the house? Well, now you can rest assured knowing that you have a safe room that you can run to – custom –built into the closet of your choice – in the comfort of your own home.

The truth is the most vulnerable time in our lives is spent while we are in our bed sleeping. Now you can live with greater security knowing you have an Armored Closet in your home. And in an emergency, you can use your cell phone to call 911 inside your Armored Closet safe room. Cellular phone signals are not inhibited by the steel walls.

Lifetime Warranty

All Parts Guaranteed for Life at No Additional Cost

All modular steel panels, barrel hinges, F-5 Latchbolts, F-5 Impact Channels and connecting hardware (Grade 5 nuts and bolts) installed by Armored Closet LLC authorized technicians are fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship for the lifetime of the unit.

There will be no charge to the customer for labor or materials on any repair due to faulty workmanship during the life of the unit. All door fixture hardware (deadbolts and door lever) carry the manufacturer’s own Lifetime Warranty.
Sentry Biometric Fire-Safes and Winchester Gun Safes installed within an Armored Closet also carry their manufacturer’s warranty.

Magnetically attached LED Track Lighting is warrantied for one year against failure provided the light has not been dropped or damaged in any way. Track Light LED’s are typically guaranteed for 10,000 hours of illumination. Batteries must be replaced by consumer as needed.

Anchor bolts are guaranteed for quality and workmanship by Illinois Tool Works, Inc.


The Armored Closet (Made in U.S.A.) has been engineered to meet and exceed FEMA safety standards established for occupancy rating, ventilation and F-5 tornado wind debris impact.


Upon installation of your Armored Closet safe room, it is recommended that you call your city Emergency Service or Fire Department and notify them that a tornado shelter has been installed at your location.

Custom Design Services

A Safe Room Designed for Your Family...

Installation Services

Armored Closet includes white glove installation services at no extra charge....

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